The Community, Contracts and Capital Connection programs help you to find the best matches for your business.  We use data science to deliver your top candidates and curate meetup events to help you expand your partner ecosystem. Sign up HERE to participate in one or more of our pilots.


Community Collaborations

Business Partners
Finding a business partner is not easy - not only must she have complementary skills but also, a personality that jives with yours. It's a long term commitment akin to marriage and we take finding your mate seriously!  So, we use a myriad of factors to deliver the candidates with the best potential and help you through the "dating" period and "pre-nuptials" (aka contract negotiations) before you take the plunge.  

Strategic Partners
Women often love to collaborate and can find strategic partners through networking events.  But vetting these events and cultivating these new relationships take time.  Spend your time buliding your business and let us help identify the best strategic partners for your business to amplify your reach, resources and revenue.  

Equallet PODs
PODs are a peer-to-peer advisory group made up of roughly 4-5 WOBs committed to helping each others business grow and thrive. Through our program, we match business owners together with complementary skills and experience levels, faciliate offline meetups and provide limited guidance so you make the most of your time together. 

Capital Sources
Whether its investment dollars or loans, we want to ensure that you find the right funding partners for you business.  We are developing a capital pipeline that will connect you with the type of money you need.

Corporate Contracts
Corporations, for mandate reasons or company culture, are looking to do business with women.  We help to identify and connect corporations with the women vendors they seek (spanning all industries).

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