Here are some tips to optimize your listing to get the most exposure for your business page.

  1. Ensure that you've filled out as much of your profile as possible! The more info you provide, the better your chances of showing up higher in the search results. Here is equallet's business page.

  2. Include information about YOU, the founder, in the About section (aka Long Description), as well as, your business description.  Our conscious consumers want to know who they are buying from! Suggested format:

    1. About the Business:  business descriptions that include highlights and features

    2. My Founders Journey:  why you started your business

    3. About the Founder:  tell us something about you, the person behind the product or service

  3. The Short Description is the elevator pitch for your business.  Provide a concise sentence that describes the products and/or services you offer without any marketing jargon. 

  4. Make sure you use the correct size photo file (or the image will be distorted).  You can crop the photo once you've uploaded using the crop tool (make sure you save before exiting box). The image that will show up in the search results is the one with the blue bar next to it. You can change this by double clicking on the image you want to show up in the search results. You'll know its done correctly if the blue bar appears next to the image.

  5. Enter in as many keywords you can think of that your CUSTOMERS would use to search for you.  For example, you may use "attorney" but most people type in "lawyer" so use both.


Business Profile Page Glossary

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