In 2016, after spending hours scouring the web for a comprehensive list of WOBs (women-owned businesses), we realized - much to our utter shock and surprise - none existed. Anywhere.  So we set out to build one. 

equallet is the first local search platform populated solely with female-founded companies across all industries!

With Americans spending over $11 trillion on products and services each year, and with conscious consumerism on the rise, we recognized a huge opportunity to connect WOBs to the consumers, community, and capital they need to thrive.


equallet envisions a world where women thrive economically, socially and politically. Our mission is to enable everyone to shop, hire and invest in women everyday. By supporting the growth and success of WOBs, we help to create jobs and advancement opportunities that generate more female leaders and put more women at every decision-making table.



stella mcshera

Stella McShera (Chief Executive Officer) loves to connect people.  She's spent the past 20 years bringing people together; entrepreneurs and mentors via her business incubator; audiences and creators through large and small events; and conscious consumers and business owners through equallet.  Read HER blog out to learn more about it!


sarah deane


Sarah Deane (Chief Data Officer) has always had a curiosity around human behavior from early childhood.  She has been fascinated by the brain, how and why people behave certain ways, and the patterns in data. Sarah is an Experience Designer and Data Scientist that uses human-data driven methodolgies to enable businesses to achieve their goals.   


james mulkerin

James Mulkerin (Chief Technology Officer) has always been a "tinkerer," from building cars to computers as a young boy. He continues to be curious about how to make things work and solving for puzzles that positively impact people. James has spent over a decade in the domains of IT, support and customer experience innovation.